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Cora Ball

A Human-scale solution to microfiber pollution.

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Collaboration with Hawaii Marine Animal Response

HMAR are EMTs for the ocean in Oahu, Hawaii. When a creature is in distress, they are the first ones called to the scene to provide immediate assistance. Their primary focus are the endangered Monk seal, green sea turtle, and albatross, which inspired the creatures in the HMAR coraclip pack!

Every special edition HMAR coraclip 3-pack includes a $1 donation through the end of October, so join us in protecting the ocean creatures today!

About Cora Ball

cora ball microfiber preventing laundry ball sustainable gentle on clothes

Our washing machines are causing microfiber pollution.

Every time we do laundry, our clothes shed tiny, unseen microfibers, including plastic. They go down the drains, into our waterways, and are being found in our food and drink. That’s bad for the aquatic animals and bad for us.

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Cora Ball laundry ball washing machine microfiber preventing laundry ball protecting clothes and the ocean

Cora Ball is proven to prevent an average of 31% of microfiber pollution.

Cora Ball both tangles fiber and hair from our clothing and reduces the amount of fibers breaking off our clothes, helping them last longer and protecting our lakes, rivers, and ocean.

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Cora Ball laundry ball dryer ball meliora stain soap stick mamap laundry detergent sheets sustainable home eco tips

Easy to use in everyday laundry.

Just toss Cora Ball into your washing machine and do your laundry as normal. Cora Ball is protecting the whole load of laundry. Even natural fibers like cotton are dyed and treated with chemicals during prodcution, so let's keep it out of our waterways and off our plates!

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Craving more?

We didn't stop at laundry! We are reducing wast in the Kitchen, too. Learn More abou the coraclip Ocean Colleciton to reclose your food bags without the plastic.

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